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    Soul- dragon application

    Fallen Soul

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    Name: Soul
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Soul- dragon application

    Post by Fallen Soul on Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:06 pm

    Name: Soul/Shade
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Race: Hatchling
    Personality: In a peaceful environment Soul can often be found sitting in a tree eating an apple. She loves the night and she will often be found running around at night. Soul is a rather peculiar dragon, as she has two personalities. Soul is kind and she hates to fight but if her friends or mate have a possibility of getting hurt she Fights as hard as she can. She is a bit over protective of younger dragons but she never notices. In a fight soul will climb a tree and drop down on her enemy, she grips their back while clawing at their face. Her Other personality, witch she calls Shade, is reckless and danger loving. He protects Soul in situation where her opponent is larger or stronger than her. Shade loves to pull pranks and he despises sleep. Despite all that he is like a burnt marshmallow. crispy and unappealing, but on the inside he's a softie. However, Shade has a tendency to be blood thirsty and he sometimes causes fights. In a fight Shade will mislead his opponent and do the exact opposite of what he acts like he will do, in order to confuse the opponent he wont pretend to do something, he just does it.
    - Night time
    -young/small dragons

    -Closed spaces
    *people that hurt Soul

    - Apples
    - Safety of others
    - Sleep
    * Safety of Soul
    * Victory/Glory

    - Dragons that harm young,small and all dragons in general
    * Dragons that brag about fights
    * Those that harm Soul

    Eyes: Bright purple
    Color: Black, the edges are flecked with silver. Under scales are dark grey, black flecks.
    Height: 1 foot (hatchling)
    Length: 5 foot (hatchling)
    Weight: 50 lbs. (hatchling)

    - = Soul
    * = Shade

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