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    Light Guilds

    Fairy Tale

    Fairy Tale is a legal guild where people of all sorts of races and ethnic background can join. It is a guild that has a very strong sense of Justice and an even stronger bond with one another. This guild promotes the idea of making friends with one another and creating bonds. In every sense this guild is very family orientated, all for one and one for all!

    Chain Chronicle

    Chain Chronicle is a guild of wisdom and knowledge. It's main goals is to uncover the many mysteries of each world. Their goal is to create the largest library known throughout all the worlds. This guild holds very brilliant minds, doctors, scientists, and inventors alike have join this guild to share their knowledge and ideas with other intelligent and hard working people.

    7th Haven

    The most powerful light guild there is. It boasts in its military might and power. This guild is the police force of the magical world. Finding awakening souls and bringing them to the Citadel is their goal, their goal is to fully unite all races together in peace an harmony. All sorts of talented people have joined this guild in hopes to help create a peaceful world.

    Neutral Guilds

    Grim Tale

    Grim Tale is known as Fairy Tale's rival. It is a neutral guild the does not side with either good or bad. It is a guild for people who wish to seek redemption. Most of everyone in this Guild has done something they are not very proud of. Not only does this Guild seek out redemption for it's guild members, this guild is also the one who keeps the balance of good or evil. If the light has become to bright and blinds the people, Grim Tale will bring the dark shade to dim the light. If the darkness devours the light leaving no hope, Grim Tale will light a spark to bring forth light of hope once again.


    Pandora is a Guild for the nobodies and the lost. This Guild does not judge anyone, it is seen as a home someone can always comeback too. People often join this guild to search the depths of their soul. This guild in known for being the gate way to becoming a great hero or deadly villain. Pandora is seen to be the path that leads to many more paths ahead....

    Evil Guilds

    Silent Hollows

    This guild is the least known of all evil guilds. It's stealth and secrecy makes it incredibly dangerous. All sorts of people from dark mages to master thieves have come and joined this guild for one reason. Conquest. This guilds goal is to spread it's influence throughout all Worlds just like an infection, until they hold all the key powers in their hands.

    The Agency

    The Agency is a very powerful and influential Guild. Only Androids, Cyborgs, and Humans are allowed in this guild. This guild has only one goal, the eradication of all other species and races. This guild is primarily made out of humans that are afraid of the new races taking over, they are fueled by rage and hatred against the other races.

    The Fallen

    The Fallen is the oldest Dark Guild. It is members are known to be ruthless and lovers of carnage. Many people know of this guild and fear it. The Guilds main goal is to reawaken the fallen guardians and take control of all the worlds. This guild will do everything it can to fulfill it's goal. This guild is not for the weak....

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