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    {Suggestion} Stats and shit. wip.


    {Suggestion} Stats and shit. wip.

    Post by Zeuslogia on Sun Sep 27, 2015 6:50 pm

    You don't absolutely have to take this, just look at it and consider it, lol.

    On the stillborn site I was planning on having, I was thinking of developing a system with six statistics. These statistics are:

    Physical Strength
    Physical Defense
    Magical Strength
    Magical Defense
    Spiritual Power/Magic Power

    Now here's a description:

    Physical Strength - How conditioned your body is in term of physical feat. This includes how hard you can punch someone, or lift something.

    Physical Defense - This means two things: How much your body can take before shutting down on itself(HP), and how much damage taken from hits.

    Magical Strength - How potent are your magic and skill hits? This represents how much damage your magic can deal.

    Magical Defense - How much damage can your magic take before it's stopped. For example, how much damage a fireball can get hit with before it burns out.

    Speed - How fast is your character physically? This usually determines the effectiveness of moves that enhance speed to the point of being invisible for a short period of time.

    Spiritual Power/Magic Power - This is where it gets interesting. Spiritual Power is how much energy a person has in their body. This statistic determines how many spells you can throw before you go down for the count.

    Now here's how stat numbers go. They'll go into three sub-ranks.

    Obviously if you have a zero in a stat, you can't perform it at all.

    Practitioner - This is where most novices start out. You can perform the skill, but you've got a long way to go in terms of using it.

    Expert - You're better than most, but not the absolute best. That doesn't mean you can't outrun somebody given enough skill

    Master - You've pretty much met or exceeded the expectations. You're at the top of your class, and can perform your art with exemplary skill.

    Allow me to line these up...

    Zero to Practitioner - 0-100
    Practitioner to Expert - 100-500
    Expert to Master - 500-1000

    Once you reach 1000 in that statistic, you will have reached Master status.

    Each rank is going to have a maximum cap within itself. This means that each stat has a maximum number that can be reached for that rank:

    F-Class - 50
    D-Class - 150
    C-Class - 350
    B-Class - 550
    A-Class - 750
    S-Class and H-Class - 1000 and 2000, respectively.

    Now I can see why you'd think: "That sounds like an S-Class mage is just as good as an H-Class mage." Well, it's really not the case.

    At H-Class, your cap will increase to 2000, meaning that if you get higher than 1000 in a stat, you can overpower someone of a master class, depending on the difference.

    The way I had this made, it would be so that the kingdom in which this was happening would grade you.

    Spiritual Power is a bit different than the other statistics. However, this really isn't anything big, just the way that they're referred to.

    Instead of Practitioner, Expert, Master, they're referred to as:
    No Spiritual Power
    Spiritual Power
    Great Spiritual Power
    Immense Spiritual Power
    Titanic Spiritual Power

    Spiritual Power - You have the power, but it's very weak compared to some people.

    Great Spiritual Power - You've got power capable of leveling a house at the most.

    Immense Spiritual Power - This is where the limit of most people's capabilities is or should be at.  It means that you're very powerful in yourself and in your spiritual abilities.

    Titanic Spiritual Power - Your power is so great to the point where you can barely control it, and that authorities fear you for the fact that you can level a city if you're not careful enough.

    I'm gonna line these up like I did the other statistics...
    Spiritual Power - F-Class up to D-Class
    Great Spiritual Power - C-Class up to about A-Class.
    Immense and Titanic Spiritual Power - A-Class to H-Class.

    Note that this is only a guide as to what ranks should be having what power. The variables can change for a number of factors, including ranking and abilities.

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    Re: {Suggestion} Stats and shit. wip.

    Post by Shiroe on Mon Sep 28, 2015 10:21 am

    hmmmm seems like we're on the same page. However the stat system I was thinking of similar system. I think It's possible to integrate both ideas. I'll post a revised version of your system bellow, tbh I like it but I feel like it can be tweaked just a tad bit more. Keep in mind despite having a combat system, I'd like to have this site be more content based, instead of rewarding people who has the highest numbers on their sheet. Regardless nice idea we can definitely use some elements. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Re: {Suggestion} Stats and shit. wip.

    Post by The Creator on Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:08 pm

    > Stats
    > Site falls to pieces and becomes LR 2.0

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    Re: {Suggestion} Stats and shit. wip.

    Post by Shiroe on Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:09 pm

    ^^ its cuz they did stats wrong and the spiritual power thing. Nah brah I don't think we'll roll with that.

    Re: {Suggestion} Stats and shit. wip.

    Post by The Creator on Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:15 pm

    No stats. Don't do it.

    If you want a chill site, don't get anywhere near stats.

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    Re: {Suggestion} Stats and shit. wip.

    Post by Shiroe on Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:23 pm

    naaaah chill fam leme just show you what type of stats I'm talking about. The stats here aren't gonna even do hella shit, its just gonna be a tiny buff. a little perk for peeps. (not to mention imma make getting stats hecka hard) the stats are just gonna be icing on the cake.

    Re: {Suggestion} Stats and shit. wip.

    Post by The Creator on Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:36 pm

    All your doing with stats is limiting everyone else.

    I'm highly against stats, and always will be.

    because the base stats of a bodybuilder would be less than a baby would has just 1 stat point above. And you and I know that's BS.

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    Re: {Suggestion} Stats and shit. wip.

    Post by Shiroe on Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:37 pm

    alright alright I get the point! we're killing the idea. shot down and shut down.

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    Re: {Suggestion} Stats and shit. wip.

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