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    Sites Lore

    Post by Shiroe on Fri Sep 25, 2015 12:35 pm

    Long ago the great and all powerful Spirit known as The Creator created the world we live in today. He created all sorts of races and creatures to roam the lushes world he had created. Each race was gifted with magic, and many other special abilities that would make them unique. However there was one race that stood out from the rest, and that race was humanity. Although they lacked in strength, speed, and magical power they made up for it with intelligence, ingenuity and determination. It seemed that Humans had the most potential to grow. The creator placed many guardian spirits to guide the humans to the right path. For awhile it was peaceful, the different races flourished and all was good.

    Sadly peace does not last forever...Since The Creator was in spirit he could not be seen, heard, or touched...That is why many humans turned to what they can see and worshiped. They turned to the guardians and worshiped them as gods. Some Guardians hubris grew and began to accept the humans offerings, and soon they too themselves began calling themselves as gods. As a result many of so called "Gods" led the humans down the wrong path.  In anger the remaining loyal guardians and races banned together under The Creators name. They waged war with the humans and the fallen guardians in order to punish them for their foolish and evil ways. Much blood was spilled, many races where slain and killed off to extinction. In anger and sorrow The Creator intervened and took all the races gifts. The Creator put all the guardians and races to sleep and sealed them in the depths of the earth, the bottom of the sea, and the into the heavens above. However The only race that was left to roam the earth was the humans...

    Stripped away from all intelligence, and all the wisdom given to them by the guardians. The humans was thrown into the dark ages, however slowly but surely they began to rise once again. Creating machines and cities. After many thousands and hundreds of years humanity had claimed the earth. Over time humanity forgot about the guardians and the other races....And now today the guardians, and races are only dismissed as mythology in humanities text books. Thus is the world we live today has been created. Humans living in a world with cars, airplanes, mobile devices and the world wide web. Humans living their daily lives not knowing of how dark and magical the world used to be about a million years ago.....

    Yet it seemed that it was time to see if the humans can finally get along with the other races. Hoping that things will change, The creator unsealed the races and guardians from their slumber. The creator then sent a vision to a select few humans. He told them to gather the waking races into a brilliant city underground. The creator advised the chosen to keep the other races a secret from the rest of humanity. The chosen where advised to wait for the right time to unite the races hand in hand in peace. Thus the secret organization of Pandora was created.........

    Now it is your turn to choose your destiny. Will you be a human living your normal life? Will you be one of the chosen to search for the other races and guardian wakening from their slumber? Or will you be a guardian of old? Perhaps a living legacy of a long forgotten race? The chose is yours......now it is time to discover the unknown fantasy.....

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