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    The Lady of the Lake


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    The Lady of the Lake

    Post by Rii on Mon Aug 03, 2015 3:20 pm

    The swamp glittered under the broken up shadows of the thick tall trees. Dappled sunlight stroked the green earth as ripples disturbed the water. The swamp empties out into a large fog covered lake hidden by thick undergrowth and tall drooping willow trees. The sun was at its highest point in the sky while sparse wispy clouds floated at the edges of the world. The heat of summer made every plant not close to the water droop wishing for rain.

    More ripples disturb the surface of the lake.

    Suddenly a nine foot long sturgeon bursts out of the surface of the water disturbing the peaceful scene. The fish drops back into the water moments after, but its hurried fins continue to splash water everywhere. Again it jumps clear out of the water trying to avoid the predator chasing it beneath the waves.

    However this time the predator knew that the fish would jump.

    A long serpent-like neck burst from the water beneath the sturgeon. Her deadly jaws opened, full of sharp teeth, as she crunched down on the mid section of the struggling fish. Then she bit down harshly pulling the cracking noise of bones breaking out form the fishes body. It stopped moving, death taking the creature quickly, just before the shining blue beast swallows the sturgeon whole.

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