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    Post by Rii on Sun Aug 02, 2015 3:58 pm

    Name: Rii
    Nickname: n/a
    Gender: Female
    Race: Wyrm
    Breed: Leviathan Wyrm

    Personality: With a pure neutral alignment, Rii does not care for dragons with a good nature any more than she does the bad ones. She is mostly out for herself and those she considers allies. Rii is vain and will keep her appearance looking as beautiful as it always is. These two facts show that she is a relatively proud animal. However, she does not consider herself higher than others and will understand and accept when she must bow her head to some higher power. At first she may be cautious of new dragons, and reasonably so for a female who doesn't want to die or become maimed by some other dragon. However if you show signs of friendliness or neutrality she will likely do the same.
      Rii is also prone to seeking out companionship. She will deny this is though if it is brought up in conversation, but the female is very lonely. Normally she keeps away from others trying not to get in the way of possibly territorial dragons.
      On the note of protecting things, Rii has a certain object that she carries with her everywhere. She is very protective of it and will not let any other dragon touch the thing. Perhaps you can find out what this item is while RPing with her? She is not normally protective of anything else though. Food of course she will protect if prey is scarce since she doesn't want to starve and die.
       Rii will use her venom if necessary, though it takes time and energy to refill her glands once she's out of it. Her tail spikes are well used when fighting along with her sharp claws and teeth. Her special blue flames are reserved for when she's really in trouble, as it drains her venom very quickly. Usually if combat occurs, Rii will try to run from it. She is very worried about self preservation and won't likely get into a fight if she can help it.

    - Rii likes to crawl and walk around the forests. Doing this keeps her calm and collected as well as supplying the she dragon with prey to hunt.
    - Fishing is another interest that she actively performs around lakes, rivers, oceans, and streams.
    - She also likes to play and joke around, but again since she stays away from other dragons  Rii will not likely show this interest off until she trusts you.
    - Her last most important interest would be that Rii likes to collect odd things. Unlike any rock or stamp collection, Rii will pick up anything that catches her interest and bring it to her big collection of things.

    - Rii does not like eagles, owls, and pretty much any other non dragon predator flying through the skies. She will go after and kill whatever may go hunting after the same prey she eats.
    - The female also does not like lightning storms as she fears that they might injure or kill her. Storms also keep the she dragon from finding food or traveling, and to a dragon who has traveled most of her life; Rii does not want to be stopped dead in her tracks for a prolonged period of time due to a bad storm.
    - One final thing Rii dislikes is rudeness from other dragons. If she has not warranted such rudeness from a stranger Rii will be highly offended. Depending on the dragons size and strength she may act very rudely back to them.

    - To survive.
    - Find a good place to live.
    - Make a friend or two.
    - Learn to fly
    - Learn to swim
    - Learn to hunt

    - Fear of thunderstorms.
    - She also has a fear of swimming too deep into the water and not being able to get to the surface for breath. However, this last fear is something she faces often in order to fish and hunt.
    - She fears losing her friends and family.
    - The last fear she has is death.

    Eyes: Her eyes are a shimmering shade of blue that is a tad lighter in color than her scales.
    Color: Where scales do shine through her metallic looking fur/hair they shine a deep blue. However her scales are highly iridescent and will reflect metallic green even in dim light.
    Height: 37 and a half feet measuring from toes to head. To her shoulder Rii is only 15 and a quarter feet tall.
    Length: Total body length is 116 feet long. 37 foot long neck and chest, 37 foot long body, and a 42 foot long tail.
    Weight: 32 Tons

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