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    The Beginning of an End [Open]


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    The Beginning of an End [Open]

    Post by Trinyah on Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:12 pm

    "Arcticus, are you sure this is a good idea?" asked Ray tentatively, her eyes darting around the barren landscape. She didn't shiver, as her body didn't feel the cold. It welcomed it, rather. But this place did worry her. Arcticus had considered moving, after the recent attack. It would be a death wish to stay. Their race was dead, as far as they were concerned. Ray wasn't even sure if any had survived the attack. But she did know one thing. They had three remaining hatchlings left alive. They needed to survive.... somehow....

    The young Trinyah sat atop Arcticus' back. Her eyes were closed, seemingly oblivious to the tragic turn of events that had lead to the demise of her people. Her sister, Oolaqi, was being held in Arctic's jaws, her eyes closed as well, seemingly oblivious.

    Behind them, in Ray's jaws, was Zian. He was an odd fellow indeed. His wings were half attached to his arms, almost like a wyvern. It was a hideous deformity, which, as far as his parents were concerned, prevented him from flying. Arcticus had insisted on killing the child, but Ray had refused. Once the fire had started, Arcticus told Ray it was the fault of letting the deformity live. They needed to get rid of it.

    "Alright, here's a good place to drop him," said Arcticus, turning to Ray. She let out a sigh, muffled by Zian's neck. Walking over to a cold snow drift, she gently placed the baby on the cold ground, whispering, "I'm sorry...." tears streamed down her face as she turned away from the baby, following Arcticus as they continued their way up the path.

    The distant cries of the baby could be heard, crying for help, and for his mom to come back. Ray merely winced, grabbed Trinyah, and kept going. Arcticus glanced back at her, smiling. "Don't worry, dear. We can always have another one."

    But as they continued through the cold, Ray could hear creaking. She felt like they needed to go back. Swallowing her humility, she stepped forward, coming to step side by side next to Arcticus while they continued to hike up the snow alps. "Honey, I don't think this is a good idea.... we should turn back."

    "What?" asked Arcticus, confused, "Why would you want to head back? Those monsters that destroyed our home are back there! We have to keep going, Ray! No matter how tough it gets!" and although this was true, Ray couldn't help but think they needed to turn back....

    Suddenly, there was an explosion of fire, blasting right in front of Arcticus. He howled in pain, dropping Oolaqi. Another blast of fire hit his wing. He screamed, and fell to the ground. "Arctic!" shouted Ray, but he glared at her as she tried to approach him, "Get Trinyah and Oolaqi somewhere safe! I'll be fine!" he called, but just as he said that, a fire blast hit both himself, and Oolaqi, causing them to both disappear into a world of flames.

    Shielding Trinyah, Ray closed her eyes, tears leaking from them, and flew off in the opposite direction. She could hear shrieks, and screams, and though she heard someone flying after her, but she just kept flying. She needed to get Trinyah somewhere safe.

    Soaring past a small, icy opening, she quickly landed, placing Trinyah in the cave, and pushing her in deeper. The small dragoness looked at her with pure, innocent eyes. Ray licked her nose, and said, "Don't worry, baby. Mommy will be fine.... I'll see you soon..." And with that, she launched back into the sky, screeching. Away from Trinyah's view, cries of agony and blasts of fire filled the sky, staining the white snow red.


    Three days later, little Trinyah still sat in the small cave, curled up, her body shivering. She hadn't eaten in about four days, and she was starving. Luckily, the other dragons hadn't found this cave when they had attacked her, her siblings, and her parents. But Trinyah was too hungry to stay quiet. She started letting out loud, innocent peeps, hoping a dragon would hear them, and come feed her.

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    Re: The Beginning of an End [Open]

    Post by Shrek on Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:51 pm

    Pyrrhus had been walking the barren lands of the so called "Frost scape", the arctic desert was harsh and brutal, taking more lives itself than any animal that lived in it. In these lands you either stocked up on supplies, or died. Earlier in the week there had been some slaughter, but the corpses had nothing left.

    He continued walking until he ran upon a ice-lined cave in the side of a shear cliff face of ice. His stomach growled as he became weaker. He had heard something making noise from the inside. 'Food...' Pyrrhus thought to himself as he walked inside, escaping the bitterly cold winds and stinging snow.

    He took the axe off his pack. Holding it in his two hands. Slowly walking into the cave closer and closer to the sounds. There it was, food. He was hungry, that's for sure. He walked closer, overcome by the lust to quench his aching stomach.

    He stood in solitude about 50 feet from the hatchling. Looking at it as he stood still.

    He wanted to do it...

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    Re: The Beginning of an End [Open]

    Post by Tharos on Sun Jul 26, 2015 12:54 pm

    ( Will be edited if my request to be granted the permission to change Tharo's appearance is denied. )

    The wind tore at Tharos's side as he struggled to fly across the barren and void glaciers. He was tossed and thrown about with every chilling gust, making his journey even more perilous. Any slight mistake could cause him to loose control and plummet to the ground below.

    To make things worse, the snow was thick and fell rapidly causing blurred and limited vision. Tharos tried to duck his head and keep the gale from getting in his eyes. However, now he couldn't see directly in front of him, so doing this just hung more burdens on his back.

    He decided it was best if he landed and found shelter until the storm died down. As he tucked in his wings and dropped closer to the ground, he caught sight of a small cave, not too far from his current position. Tharos was confident he could make it and began heading it's way. But as he approached it a Reptilian came into view. It seemed to be sneaking, probably trying to catch a creature to eat. But it was likely that what the reptilian had found would be too small to be more than a tooth pick for Tharos.

    However the Reptilian looked as if it would be enough to calm his stomach. Perfect! A shelter AND a snack!, he thought to himself. Quickly and silently, Tharos took cover in the shadows, his bluish black scales blending in with the dark environment. The fins on his back lowered against his spine to make him more adapted for sliding over, under and through formations in the the rocks.

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    Re: The Beginning of an End [Open]

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