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    Dragon Breeds


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    Dragon Breeds

    Post by Razguul on Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:33 pm

    For the time being, our collection of Dragon Breeds is complete and full.

    Enjoy being a dragon (.. If that is what you choose.)

    Breed Name: Royal Dragon
    Visual: (Designs on scales)
    Elements: Fire, Water
    Traits: They have breath based powers. The water often results in a hot steam. The fire often results in heat, rather than fire itself. They vary in color, but always have some designs on their body.
    Requirements: 1000 Words (From Dragon Youngling)

    Breed Name: Forest Dragon
    Visual: (Green)
    Elements: Grass, Wood
    Traits: Unlike many other dragons, they have manipulation powers. They can alter nature around them, growing vines and other plantlife. They are always green in color.
    Requirements: 1000 Words (From Dragon Youngling)

    Breed Name: Nightmare Dragon
    Visual: (Dark Scales)

    Elements: Darkness
    Traits: Unlike many of their relatives, Nightmare Dragons do not have any breath or manipulation powers. The only known ability they are known to have is that   they are able to reflect and absorb both darkness and light, perfectly camouflaging themselves in the darkness while they are still or moving slowly. When this happens, it often appears as if the shadows around them are alive, and being eaten by the dragon.
    Requirements: 750 Words (From Dragon Youngling)


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