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    Tharos The Shadow Eater


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    Name: Tharos
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    Tharos The Shadow Eater

    Post by Tharos on Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:13 pm

    Nickname: The Shadow Eater.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dragon
    Breed: Nightmare Dragon

    Personality: Tharos is a mysterious, shady dragons who is very seldom seen and likes to keep to himself as he prefers to be alone. He tends to stick to the shadows and be certain he is safe. Although he does come out in the sunlight, he tries to stir up as less attention as he can. Tharos is neither warmhearted or coldhearted, he does not care for those he does not know but he also doesn't harm the innocent. He isn't know for showing much emotion and usually locks his feelings behind a solemn stare. But once he feels confident around a certain dragon, he opens up and begins showing more facial expressions. Tharos does not believe in 'breeds', he believes that every living thing is equal and despises those who think themselves higher than others. He is very cunning and determined. He can easily outwit his enemies and uses that as a fighting advantage so don't ever underestimate him because that might just be the worst mistake of your life.. and the end of it. All in all, Tharos is the cliche 'mysterious warrior' type who really doesn't  give a crap.

    -Being alone.
    -Quiet environments.
    -Watching others from a distance.

    -Harming of the innocent.
    -Crowds; He often feels out of place.
    -Loud noises; He's used to the quiet.

    -His purpose; He want's to know why he is here.
    -His past; He wants to know where he came from.
    -Knowledge; He seeks it and one day wishes to know all.

    -Light; He can bear it but it annoys him.
    -To die; The mystery behind the afterlife scares him.
    -To have no purpose.

    Eyes: Ghostly blue.
    Color: Onyx/dark blue
    Height: 60 ft
    Weight: 5 tonnes

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    Name: Razguul Grassfang
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    Re: Tharos The Shadow Eater

    Post by Razguul on Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:39 pm

    Good pic. Color fits. Adult free starter... you did gud m8.

    [Until for some reason you screw up and I have to pull this app.]


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