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    Post by Kikla on Sun Jul 19, 2015 4:13 pm

    Name: Kikla Krosos Klovur Akakal
    Nickname: Devourer of Souls, Kikla
    Gender: Female
    Race: Dragon
    Breed: Nightmare

    Personality: Cunning, for one. She likes to deceive her victims, or anyone she meets. By riddles or insults, or however fits. She likes to poke holes into her victims to find where they are weak, to enrage them and force them not to think straight. Then, to enrage them further.
    If they are able to think past that, then she must try another side. She'd be intrigued though, maybe wanting to further poke around at them, or maybe even keeping an sidekick. Maybe then she'd let down on her ticks and misery.
    In a fight she'd use the shadows. First, try to intimidate them. Use the shadows to become bigger and scarier than before. If that fails, then dive in and out at them, quickly swiping at their underside and wings. Failed again, try to overpower them and keep them still before deciding on what else to do with them.
    If you are able to get past all of this, you can be what she considers her friend. She'll be just as mysterious, if not more. Just as cunning, but a little nicer. Not trying to hurt you, but still wanting to do tests. Not being as rude, but still calling names.

    - To fly in the shadows, what else would she do with those wings?
    - Torturing others, what else do you do for fun?
    - Nighttime, for she is a nightmare.
    - The cold, as it's what usually in a shadow.
    - Gems or other shiny things, for what has greater beauty.
    - Interactive and fun things, who likes to be a bore?
    - Easy to manipulate dragons, for who wouldn't?

    - Light, as it is too bright.
    - Muck or mud, as it is too dirty.
    - Hot weather, who likes to be sweaty?
    - Daytime, for there's less places to hide.
    - Boring things, for who likes to be boring?
    - Ugly things, who would even want that?
    - Dragons that try to deceive her, for that's her job.

    - To live, as for what else?
    - To reproduce, what else where they here for?
    - To eat, or how else are they going to survive?
    - To thrive, who wants to be on the bottom?
    - To know, as who wouldn't want to know everything?

    - There being on light in the world, where else would there be to hide?
    - No more food, how would they live?
    - Overtaken by a weakling, now who would want that?

    Eyes: A bright purple, like a flash in the night.
    Color: Ranging from black to dark-grey. There are parts of her as to where the purple looks to be leaking out, mostly on her underside.
    Height: 50 feet
    Length: 98 feet
    Weight: 7 tons

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